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Microblading is a form of permanent make-up which is similar to cosmetic tattooing. Using a hand held tool, pharmaceutical grade pigments which match and complement your individual colourings and style are implanted into the second layer of your skin, creating very fine, precise hair-like strokes to mimic the natural eyebrow hairs.

Whether you have uneven, overplucked, fine, sparse hairs, or areas of hair loss due to medical factors such as chemotherapy or alopecia then this is definitely the treatment for you. Microblading is time saving and life-changing………no more drawing your brows on every morning or watching them disappear in water or heat! The complete treatment is split into 3 parts – consultation, initial treatment and a 6 week top up.

Your beautiful Microbladed brows typically last 12-18months and will naturally and gradually fade, at this stage a colour refresh/touch up is recommended to maintain the brows and keep them looking their best. A PATCH TEST IS REQUIRED AT LEAST 48HRS PRIOR TO TREATMENT.   

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90 mins


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